Small, imperfect gardens: the latest trend in outdoor spaces

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Memo by Marazzi: the stone effect becomes even more natural thanks to the uneven edges and the increased thickness, ideal for outdoors

One of the 2018 trends for outdoor living is the “imperfect garden”.

Forget perfect rows of immaculate flowerbeds or manicured lawns: the imperfect garden imitates nature, which also means embracing its “flaws”. The Japanese “Wabi Sabi” trend therefore moves from the home to the garden, for natural, constantly evolving outdoor spaces. At the same time, there is a rediscovered appreciation of hand-crafted items, with imperfections that underline their authenticity.

What’s more, outdoor areas are increasingly being furnished for open-air dining or relaxation; as well as the familiar verandas and patios next to the house, even small areas deep in the garden itself are being equipped for this purpose. These more and more multifunctional areas must be designed with state-of-the-art materials which can be left outdoors: paving must be resistant to water and weather and anti-slip, yet also have looks that dialogue attractively with natural contexts.

Memo is the new Marazzi outdoor collection, responding to the latest trends in design for the open air.

It is an accurate porcelain stoneware evocation of two types of stonePietra Italia and Burgundy Limestone – now even more realistic thanks to their uneven edges. Perfect for creating outdoor spaces in natural, rustic taste, the collection is available in the 20×20 cm and 20×40 cm sizes and with thickness boosted to 14 mm, guaranteeing exceptional strength.

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