Memento, new stoneware reinterprets concrete

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Memento, new stoneware reinterprets concrete - 1

Large size, mosaics with tiny chips and vintage decors


Concrete is one of interior designers' favourite materials, due to its industrial, contemporary connotations and its tactile nature, able to give design schemes a unique, metropolitan character. In addition, the industrial trend in design, very fashionable of late, has further increased this material's popularity and appeal.

One excellent compromise that combines looks and practicality is provided by concrete-effect porcelain stoneware, a waterproof material, easy to clean and care for, with outstanding technical properties such as resistance to wear, stains and abrasion.

Interior designers who opt for concrete-effect stoneware can choose from an exciting range of finishes and sizes. The Memento collection by Marazzi includes the raw, tactile look of concrete in five colours and two different finishes, natural and Velvet. The Memento tile sizes range from large slabs to the tiny, uneven chips of “Spaccatella" mosaic, for a concrete-effect equally suitable for the floors of large areas and small surfaces and walls. Last but not least, the Vintage mosaic offers a patchwork-effect alongside the concrete-effect, for a high-impact result.

Memento is also a great choice for outdoor pavings: the 20 mm thickness, available in the 50x100 size, has excellent load resistance, making it even suitable for both residential and public driveways.


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