Market, the new Marazzi collection for large retail interiors

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Market, New Thick Stoneware for Commercial Spaces - 1

Extra-thick stoneware styled with a beauty that will delight even the most discerning customer

These days, shopping is increasingly becoming an experience rather than the mere act of buying something.

Shopping is now a leisure activity, and shopping centres are places where people not only make purchases but also meet, maybe have lunch or dinner, or engage in other leisure activities. At the same time, shoppers have become much more aware of the design values of retail locations and more and more discerning in terms not only of the products on sale but also of the context in which they are presented. It is common knowledge that these days an attractive, well designed store significantly increases sales.

Marazzi responds to this specific market demand with a new line of tiles specifically designed to create beauty in large retail interiors.

Market is the stoneware for heavily-used retail premises that also delivers outstanding design values. Thanks to state-of-the-art stoneware production technologies, Market offers an extremely realistic stone and concrete effect, for the creation of retail interiors which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. It is available in two square sizes, 60x60 and 45x45, and 12 colour variants, to respond to a wide variety of interior design needs and create striking locations with a strong personality. 

Market is also a high-performance stoneware tile produced specifically for very crowded places: its extra thickness of 14-15 mm guarantees strength and durability in a material, stoneware, which already provides exceptional resistance values.

We have already discussed the benefits of stoneware in retail interiors: as well as its outstanding wear-resistance and easy care, stoneware also satisfies all health and hygiene requirements and meets the standards required for retail premises. Stoneware is also perfect for the installation of easily inspected raised floors, a more and more popular solution in large retail locations.