Marble-effect and cement tiles for the restyling of an aristocratic country house in Sicily

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Marble-effect stoneware and cement tiles that recall the coverings of bygone days, and skilful redesign of the interiors with alcoves and decorative walls, are the secret of this renovation project.

The restyling project which transformed the image of this aristocratic country house at Castronovo di Sicilia, with changes carefully calculated to add light to its interiors and extend their uses, is the work of the arch165 firm of architects.

The redesigned layout of the interior, with the main door now opening directly into the living area, is more spacious and enjoys better natural lighting. The white of the walls helps to increase the impression of lightness and looks good with the pastel colours of the furnishings, and the balance between classical items and the new modern architecture is also finely struck.

In the asymmetrical living area, irregularly shaped due to the massive architecture, the wall created as a backdrop becomes the key interior design feature; a delightful contrast with the white of the surrounding walls, it exploits the exquisite beauty of marble with its gleaming finish and the colour variations generated by the uneven vein patterns. The marble effect was achieved using Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles from the Evolutionmarble collection (120×60 size). The choice of this stoneware provides the metaphorical link to the local area, since the Bronzo Amani finish, with its variations in shade and colour, recalls the yellow marble of the old Castronovo di Sicilia quarries, now disused.

In the bathroom, the stylistic approach is dictated by the room's structural conformation; the building's historic nature is brought to the fore, both through the use of Marazzi Block cement tiles, referencing the decorations of the past, and thanks to alcoves created in the masonry, walls and arches which underline the building's history.

The continuity of the end wall, with its matt, trowelled surface, recreates the effect of resin and emphasises the depth of the spaces covered with the Mix decor from the Block collection.

This exquisite country house will certainly amaze visitors, with its exterior steeped in the mood of glorious times gone by, and its interior with an extremely contemporary soul, to be savoured room by room.

Architectural project: Studio di Architettura arch165

Products: Evolutionmarble, Block