Marazzi’s SistemN20 is chosen for Redivider

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London architecture firm Stride Treglown chooses the Marazzi porcelain stoneware for its installation during the London Festival of Architecture

Porcelain stoneware – SistemN20 in Grigio Chiaro colour – for the flooring and wood for construction of the movable walls are the materials used by London firm Stride Treglown for the realisation of it installation “Redivider”, an architectural metaphor for the social media world.

“Redivider” is a kind of interactive labyrinth in which every visitor can move around wooden panels mounted on rails to choose their own individual path and thus create their own view of the rest of the space, look for or lose their way, find a way out or discover they are trapped, follow a guide or themselves act as guide for someone else. This key explains how the installation acts as a metaphor for the social media, which on the one hand can be a system of interactions able to generate extremely positive synergies, but on the other can be the cause of isolation or create a genuine addiction, from which it is very difficult to escape.

Marlborough Sports Garden – Union Street, SE1 1SD London
11-27 June