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Marazzi, towards a new tactile appeal

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Marazzi, towards a new tactile appeal

Marazzi’s new international advertising campaign focuses on us and our homes. On our wish to feel good about ourselves and our living-spaces, and the search for a fresh sensorial appeal but with the benefits and performances of the company’s new, exclusive Premium Technologies.

Spaces for living, spaces for sharing. Our homes represent us, tell people about us, and are intimately interconnected with our lifestyles. But home design also means imagining new possibilities, increasingly versatile, hybrid spaces, suited to more contemporary, dynamic approaches to life. And the various activities the home may house. The home plays a central role, responding to a deeply felt need for pleasure and relaxation, protection, and tactile relationships with the surfaces and materials around us. Life, learning, work and enjoyment can be reconciled more effectively, and rooms are no longer monofunctional, becoming fluid, often intermingled spaces, as in the case of the kitchen and living area. The ideal layout is a flexible open plan, which both fulfils functions and provides comfort. 

All these themes are central to the new Marazzi international advertising campaign, in which the new products, manufactured using the Premium Technologies the company has just registered, play the key role in spaces tailored to the latest needs of people and home lifestyles.




Luminous and with vibrant, enticing surfaces. On the walls, we see the irregular textures of Crogiolo, in the Natural colour from the Rice collection, which bestows a special luminance as well as the allure of imperfection, with the variation in colours and patterns typical of hand-made tiles. On the floor, the large-size wood-effect stoneware with outstanding technical performances of the new Oltre collection, in the Natural variant, gives warmth to the whole room. In spite of its modernity, this home is also welcoming, protective, convenient and healthy. The Oltre coverings embrace all these needs in a single material, by offering the warm, natural consistency of wood with all the functional performances, including hygiene, of porcelain stoneware.

The outcome of leading-edge industrial processes, the collection is a concentrate of the new premium technologies developed by Marazzi. Sublime Sync: digital printing and high-definition material structure; StepWise: technical performances for anti-slip, soft-touch, easy-clean surfaces; High Performance: strength and versatility for indoor and outdoor surfaces; Zero Glossy: a new generation of glazes with super-matt effects, and Puro Marazzi Antibacterial: the latest, innovative technology that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from ceramic surfaces, incorporating the additives that combat their proliferation right from the initial firing phases, for constant, lasting action in any light conditions.

In the kitchen, the stoneware slabs with the unmistakable veining and shade variations of marble are from the Grande Marble Look collection, in the Statuario shade.


In a warm, rural domestic atmosphere, well lit by the window overlooking the garden, craftsmanship and industrial production unite in the small porcelain stoneware wall tiles of the Crogiolo line, here from the Rice collection, in the Bianco colour variant and the more neutral Natural. Three small modular sizes with straight edges, four colours, three decors and one 3D structure offer infinite possibilities thanks to installation patterns including multiple sizes, in a project that verges on the “bespoke”.

The tactile, uneven surfaces of Crogiolo Rice are just waiting to be touched; the finish is glossy, slightly satiny, with a soft glaze that conveys all the character of antique majolica ware. No two modules are identical, with very subtle changes in colour tone, shadowing, chiaroscuro effects and imperceptible variations derived from the ever-changing tactile surface.

Thanks to non-stop technological innovation, this “hand-crafted” beauty is delivered by safe, high-performing products, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, resistant to deep abrasion and made using recycled raw materials, such as the Oltre collectionporcelain stoneware flooring in White shade, which reproduces the innate elegance of the finest oak woods. Materials of great loveliness but also of impressive strength, convenience and hygiene are also found in the kitchen, where the Grande Stone Look stoneware collection in Gris du Gent colour covers the entire island and the countertop.


Project and Styling Alessandro Pasinelli Studio