Marazzi Day: University meets Business

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Marazzi Day: University meets Business - 1

Behind a stunning floor there is much more than what people can possibly imagine. This is what 40 students, from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, realized visiting Marazzi Group in Sassuolo.
The expectation was high, since we are considering the main company of Sassuolo’s ceramic tile cluster, pioneer of the quality of Made in Italy all over the globe.

Professor Tiziano Bursi - President of the master course in International Management at UNIMORE – gave a precise overview concerning the scenarios of ceramic tile industries, in a meeting room at the training center.

A very first step to enter the world of Marazzi was the presentation made by Leonardo Tavani – Vice President of Marketing Europe – which main topic, “The successful strategies in a global market”, highlighted a strong emphasis on employees, defined as “core value” for Marazzi Group. The base of this entrepreneurial success is entirely a result of artisans’ know-how, continuously upgraded trough cooperation and counseling from the R&D department.

The history of Marazzi have always been marked by the commitment of an effective management and a strong motivation of workers. The mutual effort made possible to foresee the changes in fashion trends of 140 countries and adapting them to the ceramic tile production. Those are the main reasons why in 2013 Marazzi was acquired by Mohawk Industries Inc., the publicly traded company and world leader in flooring production.

The students went on a tour of the state-of-the-art production plant in Casiglie, where vital priority concerns safety of workers. They followed the entire production process, from the raw materials to the final product. The whole plant is automatic and the specialized engineers working there supervise and fix the potential problems.

There are also monitors showing the real-time stock price of Mohawk Industries so that all the employees actually understand the worth of their job.

The day included a visit to the new Showroom, inaugurated in 2015. The cutting-edge of design perfectly match with the sophisticated style of the two most important brands of the group: Marazzi and Ragno. A remarkable detail was the continuity of the layout between the indoor and the outdoor, the floor and the walls, due to the versatility and the weather-resistance of the ceramic tile.

Keeping high standards of quality is crucial for the company especially because, as Enrico Soprani – Communication specialist - explained, Mohawk decided to invest in Marazzi mainly for its “brand identity”. The group’s mission is to spread among and trough their consumers the appropriate and precise image of the company.

The passion and the commitment of Marazzi Group symbolize the weight of this kind of businesses for the Italian economy. Furthermore, it represents a model for the entire world.

Antonella Valentina Guida