Marazzi ceramic tiles for Tribute to Domus 1000

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Marazzi ceramic tiles for Tribute to Domus 1000 - 1

For the “Tribute to Domus”, Marazzi presents the Triennale 4 curve tile designed by Ponti and Rosselli and the Spatula 3D surfaces for walls from the Materika collection.

Marazzi is one of the top Italian and international companies taking part in the “Tribute to Domus” project, an event held to coincide with the appearance of the THOUSANDTH issue of Domus magazine, in which iconic pieces of Italian industrial design are displayed in the Pantone colours of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Marazzi pays homage to this major milestone for Domus, a key source of information and inspiration for architects and designers in Italy and worldwide, by creating two customised products in the Pantone colours of the year: the Triennale 4 curve tile and the Materika Spatula 3D walltile.

First and foremost, Triennale, the iconic Marazzi ceramic tile, interpreted for “Tribute to Domus” in the Pantone colour of the year Serenity. This gesture is particularly significant, since the 4 curve tile was designed by Alberto Rosselli and master architect Gio Ponti, who actually founded Domus and edited it from 1928 to 1941. Presented for the first time in 1960 at the 12th Universal Exhibition at the Triennale, Milan - after which it is named -, the “4 curve” tile is now an interpretation and extension of the collections featured in the Marazzi Tecnica catalogue, which can all be produced in the 4 curve shape to highlight the various surfaces, materials and colours available in the range.

Contrasting with and complementing the “Pantone Serenity” Triennale are the satiny 3D surfaces of Materika, which do not reflect the light and therefore reproduce the Pantone Rose Quartz colour to perfection. Materika by Marazzi is the new slimline ceramic covering which received the ADI Ceramics Design Award for its innovative three-dimensional structure achieved in a material just 6 mm
thick. The unusual Materika Spatula 3D structure is produced using the best, most advanced ceramic production technologies and evokes the effect created by the sweep of the trowel when concrete is spread and smoothed by hand. The collection features the large 40x120 cm size, which delivers greater visual continuity and is ideal for the design of striking wall coverings.

“Tribute to Domus”, designed and curated by Fabrica, is intended as an open discussion on design, colour and artistic experimentation and is on show on Milan's Piazza Duomo and via Mazzini from Tuesday 12 to Sunday 17 April, during the 2016 Milan Design Week.

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