Marazzi Cementum: the evolution of concrete-effect stoneware

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Concrete: a versatile, contemporary material with a rough yet sophisticated elegance. Marazzi’s modern interpretation replicates the tactile sensations, graphic elements and look typical of cast concrete, pairing them with original chromatic and decorative effects.

The Cementum collection channels all the innovation of Marazzi laboratories. The natural look, achieved thanks to BodyPlus production technology with its material inclusions, is accentuated by the anti-slip, soft-touch, matt surface. Such a realistic effect is made possible thanks to StepWise technology, with the application of anti-reflective glazes, and specific body mixes for each shade. All this combines to make Cementum a stoneware whose extremely high technical and aesthetic performance is expressed in superb versatility of use, ranging from indoor to outdoor spaces, and from residential to commercial settings.

The nine available sizes (120×120 and 60×120 6 mm; 75×150, 75×75, 60×120 and 60×60 20 mm; 60×60, 30×60 and 21×18.2 Hexagon) are accompanied by a series of elements that multiply the collection’s applications. Just as the collection multiplies the range of aesthetic impressions. Starting from the colour. While grey is the unequivocal chromatic definition of concrete, Marazzi goes beyond this, supplementing four neutral, natural shades – Ash, Sand, Nickel, Lead – with another four on-trend colours: Indigo, Carbon, Olive, Cotto.

In addition to these is a series of graphic elements that project the essence of concrete in an original decorative, contemporary dimension. The floral exuberance of Spring and the dense 3D pattern of Righe structure create a striking wallpaper effect on the 60×120 size; with Arco (on hexagon tiles) and Cerchi mosaic, geometric decorative motifs on walls add dynamism to any design scheme. In addition, the 30×30 mosaic tile and the hexagon tile bring the beauty of classic shapes and hand-made cement tiles right up to date.

Eclecticism is therefore the keyword for describing this collection, which frees the concrete look from the constraints of narrow semantic and aesthetic codes like the industrial style or brutalism, allowing it to interpret chromatic trends and to be daring with decoration.

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