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Marazzi cement tiles for the renovation of a restaurant

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Marazzi cement tiles for the renovation of a restaurant - 1

Clays hexagonal tiles mixed with the existing floor

An innovative format combines the ideas of shopping and eating in a single location: Bluefish is Brianza's first fish restaurant where diners can choose and purchase their fresh fish as if at a fishmonger's shop, before enjoying it at a restaurant table or even at home, thanks to the take-away service.

The design of Bluefish's interior is at least as original as its format. The work of Marzia and Leo Dainelli of Dainellistudio, this Brianza restaurant's interior design has a unique character, achieved by mixing two different inspirations. The Nordic mood features alongside details in sailor style: the Scandinavian-look furnishings, in pale oak, black and blue, are partnered with original decorative ideas inspired by small Italian harbours and the Mediterranean Sea. Wallpaper in light shades, printed with maritime motifs, alternates with zones in bright blue, while the lampshades and partitions are created by hand from salvaged rope, a reminder of the ropes used on fishing boats. The interior design retains many existing features, such as the hexagonal cement tile floor.

The perfect completion of the existing flooring is provided by Clays in the 21x18.2 cm size, since this collection creates the terracotta and cement looks using porcelain stoneware. The hexagonal shape has enabled the architects to interlock the tiles to attractive effect and create a striking decorative motif for the floor, thanks to the pattern inspired by the designs used on majolica ware. The colour variant chosen on this occasion is the coldest in the range (Lava), a perfect combination with the venue's black and bright blue colour scheme, and the cement grey of the existing floor tiles.

The tapestry of tiles that provides the floor covering also places a strong visual focus on the large show kitchen separated from the rest of the interior by large windows with black uprights, one of the key features of the Bluefish concept.

Ph Stefano DeMonte 

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