Majolica stages a comeback

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Majolica stages a comeback - 1

Mellow, Pottery and Imperfetto: three collections that delight in ceramics with a hand-made flavour.

Mellow, Pottery e Imperfetto: Marazzi presents three collections in which the art of the ceramic tradition lives again in a contemporary version, to adorn the walls of bathrooms, kitchens, cafés and shops.

Shiny glaze, slight flaws on the edges and corners, floral and geometric decors and bright colours are the shared features of these three collections, which reinterpret the past with new, exclusive technologies.

A wide range of inspirations: Portuguese azulejos for Pottery, the colours of Limoges porcelain for Imperfetto, and antique majolica ware for Mellow.

A vast array of rectangular sizes, for creative, original interior design: the slab size for Imperfetto is 32.5x97.7 cm while for Pottery it is 25x76 cm, allowing whole walls to be clad with seamless beauty, while Mellow comes in the small 10x30 cm size, ideal for fresh, original installation layouts.

Each collection is complete with textures, mosaics and slabs with tone-on-tone or contrasting decoration, enriching and extending the compositional and design potential.

Mellow reinterprets majolica with a shiny glaze and a soft texture, with slight flaws on the corners and edges. It offers a range of 7 pastel colours, running from Pesca to Indaco and from Bianco to Beige. With a variety of three-dimensional textures that add even more variety to the collection, Mellow is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

7 is also the number of bright, shiny colours for Pottery, dominated by a vibrant red alongside the collection's white, grey, beige and blue shades, completed by the floral and geometrical decors typical of the Portuguese azulejos, ‘Cube’ 3D textures, in the same 25x76 cm size, and mosaics, useful above all for cladding recesses and walls with irregular features.

Imperfetto is inspired by hand-worked clay and features a vast range of colours, influenced by the colours of the crockery made by the craft workshops of the past. From pale shades that recall artistic porcelain pieces through to the blues and reds of Limoges porcelain. Imperfetto is completed by the mosaics, available in all the collection's 6 colours, and the Righe, Fiori and Broccato decors.

Mellow, Pottery and Imperfetto are ideal for designing wall coverings for bathrooms and kitchens but are also perfect for decorating business premises such as bars, restaurants and concept stores.