Majolica-effect stoneware: Lume enriches the Crogiolo collection

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Glossy, colourful majolica brick tiles for cheerful interiors with a vintage touch

Traditional majolica tiles are an important part of Italian architectural history and have many admirers. However, not everyone is prepared to accept their delicacy and to pay this type of tile the attention it deserves. This is why majolica-effect porcelain stoneware is so appealing: it boasts an aesthetic result that is elegant and original in equal measure, offering easy cleaning and the practicality of stoneware with its renowned technical characteristics.

Lume is a collection of majolica-effect stoneware tiles that reinterprets the irregularity of traditional handmade brick tiles through a careful study of glazes and colours and thanks to cutting-edge production technology: this allows it to recreate the intense colours and tactile effect of majolica. The Lume range enriches the stylistic variety of Crogiolo, which also includes D_Segni Blend, D_Segni Colore, D_Segni Scaglie, D_Segni, Scenario and Zellige.

As a testament to its originality and elegance, Lume recently won the Archiproducts Design Award for the best design product in the “Finishes” category.

Colourful, glossy, deliberately imperfect, speckled and streaked: the tiles in the Crogiolo collection are unique, just like the majolica tiles that inspire them. They are available in 6 vibrant, trendy colours: White, Black, Green, Blue, Musk and Greige.

The original size – 6×24 cm – allows it to be laid both horizontally and vertically, offering a wide range of design options, partly thanks to the tiles’ very straight edges, which make it possible to reduce joints to a minimum.

Since Lume is made of stoneware, it can also be laid on the floor (in residential settings with low foot traffic), however it certainly looks best as a wall covering (in both residential and contract locations), offering a surface that boasts a unique tactile look and the intense light effects typical of majolica.