Luminous shades accentuate the hand-crafted look

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New bright colours for Crogiolo Lume - 1

Crogiolo Lume enriches its collection with six very bright new colours. With intentionally flawed surfaces, it gives interiors that unique, hand-crafted flavour but with a high-performance product.

The Marazzi Crogiolo collection of small size tiles, launched in 2019, reminded the world of the expressive potential of vivid materials and tactile, intentionally flawed surfaces. Although an industrial product, the Crogiolo collections evoke the know-how, craftsmanship and willingness to experiment central to the Italian ceramics tradition. Marazzi combined these characteristics in the Eighties in its Crogiolo research centre, to which the collection’s name pays tribute, created to develop new languages for industrial ceramics through the work of artists.

Lume is one of the nine Crogiolo collections best able to give surfaces a “hand made” air, combined with modern, and more and more sustainable, production processes. Thanks to its production technology and in-depth research into glazes and colour, Lume transfers to porcelain stoneware all the beauty of hand-made majolica brick tiles, with their dense glaze, ultra-glossy finish and minor flaws. So these tiles, in the 6x24 cm size, give walls a deep, iridescent colour that confers vibrancy on surfaces and renews them in a timeless modernity.

A product certified by Greenguard for its low harmful substance emissions and Declare for the absence of chemicals damaging to health, frostproof and resistant to deep abrasion, Crogiolo Lume, maintaining its 6x24 cm size, now adds six colours to the shades already available (White, Green, Blue, Black, Musk and Greige). The new entries are two neutral hues, Off-White and Beige, and four bright, lively colours , Pink, Forest, Turquoise and China. For interplays of surfaces and colour combinations that add value to any interior, from classical to contemporary.


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