Living & Kitchen: In & Out

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This design preview is inspired by Brutalist architecture; by the deliberate roughness and sincerity of the movement that conquered the world in the 1960s, taking the most diverse forms.

Brutalism’s continuous ability to reinvent itself has made it a timeless source of inspiration. This house, with its sincere construction, offers three large, inclusive common spaces – places for sharing.
The relaxation area, featuring a modular sofa and a bookcase that acts as a screen and encloses the more intimate space; a kitchen that occupies a large part of the living area with an extensive worktop. These spaces open up to the landscape surrounding the house, where the swimming pool overlooks the ocean protected by large rocks. ‘En plein air’ is the mood that inspired this setting, whose simplicity does not sacrifice any of the amenities of a domestic space.

In the first version

The small-size glossy and slightly satiny Crogiolo Rice tiles, in the Grigio and Natural colours, define the set of decors used for the walls.
The Mystone Ardesia Cenere collection was laid on the floor, in the central hall, and extends to the outdoor spaces in the 20 mm-thick version;
Oltre, the range of board tiles inspired by the naturalness of wood, in the Natural colour, defines the flooring area screened by the bookcase.
12 mm Grande Metal Look Corten was chosen for the kitchen block and top; its metallic luminescence dialogues with, and differs from, the naturalness of the Cenere-coloured Mystone Ardesia floor tiles.

In the second composition

Grande Resin Look Verde Chiaro Satin and Rosa Silky are the collections used for the geometric patterns on the walls of the lounge area.
Mystone Ceppo di Gré Grey, laid on the floor in the living area, extends – as in the first version – to the external areas of the house with 20 mm-thick slabs. Grande Stone Look Basaltina was used for the top of the kitchen block covered in Grande Resin Look Verde Scuro Silky. Grande Wood Look Rovere Satin is the solution chosen for the top of the snack table.

Project & Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio
In & Out Rice + Mystone + Oltre + Grande

Floor: M9HX Mystone Ardesia Cenere Rett. 60×120 6 mm
M06V Mystone Ardesia20 Cenere Rett. 50×100
M9DM Oltre Natural Rett. 22,5×180

Wall: M968 Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 7,5×20
M967 Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 7,5×20

Kitchen top: M99X Grande Metal Look Corten 162×324 12 mm

In & Out Grande + Mystone

Floor: MQW8 Mystone Ceppo di Gré Grey Rett. 80×80
M9CW Grande Stone Look Ceppo di Gré Grey Rett. 120×278

Wall: M90L Grande Resin Look Verde Chiaro Rett. 120×120
M7GW Grande Resin Look Rosa Cold Satin Rett. 120×278

Kitchen top: M2YP Grande Stone Look Basaltina 162×324 12 mm
M7GY Grande Resin Look Verde Scuro Cold Satin Rett. 120×278