“La Ceramica e il Progetto”: awards ceremony @ Casa dell’Architettura in Rome

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“La Ceramica e il Progetto”: awards ceremony @ Casa dell’Architettura in Rome - 1

Honourable mention in the commercial category to the Pietre Gemelle Ala Valsesia spa: the relaxation zones and washrooms feature Marazzi SistemV mosaics

The awards ceremony for the third edition of the “La Ceramica e il Progetto” (Ceramics and Architecture) competition was held at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome on 23 June before an audience of more than 320 professionals. The winners - architects and interior designers - were judged to have created the best projects with Italian tiles in the residential, commercial and institutional building categories.
The prize for the residential category went to Acupuncture#2 at Altedo di Malalbergo (Bologna) a project by Simone Gheduzzi of the Diverse Righe firm. In this architectural solution, ceramics provide the keynote to the entire design, which becomes a kind of icon to the material: a geometrical solid that only dialogues with itself, virtually self-contained in relation to its context. 

The prize-winner in the commercial section was the Golden Ray Luxury Villas in Croatia by architects Davor Popovic and Zoran Popovic, a major project by virtue both of its size and of its dialogue with its amazing natural surroundings. It is an example of great cultural value on the theme of “nature and artifice”, an interplay of fundamental importance in projects in this kind of location.

There was an Honourable Mention in the “commercial” category for the new Pietre Gemelle Ala Valsesia spa near Vercelli, designed by Davide Gavinelli and Claudia Colla, who chose SistemV mosaics by Marazzi for the wall coverings of the washrooms and relaxation rooms, thanks to this material’s great ability to adapt to various situations, including complex shapes such as recesses and curved surfaces, and the variety of sizes and finishes - gloss and matt - of the dot tiles, which offer full solutions to a variety of architectural needs. 

The award for the best institutional project was presented to Isoarchitetti , which completely redesigned the Museum of Egyptology in Turin. The new project has completely restyled this Museum’s outstanding collection, focusing on a series of cultural and other values to set a new benchmark in the presentation and communication of major heritage collections.