Just one material, infinite possibilities

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The Top large slabs set creativity free. To provide continuity of material effects in public, contract or residential locations. From kitchens to bathrooms, from furniture to all custom-made architectural solutions, The Top is the right answer thanks to its exceptionally easy shaping, strength and resistance.

Just one material for infinite compositional options: from wall coverings, floorings and pavings to the finishes of all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and furniture. The large porcelain stoneware slabs of The Top collection set creativity free. For contemporary, seamless interior design with continual cross-referencing and contrasts in material between architectural zones, drawing on the large assortment of colours and effects offered by these two collections.

The Top provides three thickness (6, 12 and 20mm) in slabs of extremely large sizes (160×320 and 162×324 cm), in a wide selection of material looks: marbles, stones, metals, woods, concretes and solid colours. Exquisite matt, satiny and glossy surfaces, easy shaping and immense durability, making them suitable for any context: from offices to retail stores, from bars to restaurants and the hospitality industry in general, and from public to residential spaces. Large slabs are also resistant to scratches and impacts, frost and heat, stains, acids and moulds; they are flame retardant and ensure unbeatable hygiene without releasing harmful substances into the room. Porcelain stoneware does not fade or warp, is easy to shape and transform, and is made from selected, environmentally sustainable raw materials.

These characteristics made The Top an ideal material for the kitchen, for constructing worktops, backsplashes, tables and any tailor-made furnishing or covering solution, in perfect stylistic continuity with the living room or even outdoor areas. Similarly, thanks to its resistance to water and damp, durability and hygiene, The Top is unrivalled as a bathroom covering. Here again, the surfaces of the bathroom furniture and those around sanitary fixtures can be finished with the same material effects as the other rooms of the home, or to match indoor-outdoor features as in the case of showers or outdoor hot tubs.

The different thicknesses available in the The Top collection offer the right mix of light weight and solid construction. These large slabs are suited to the creation of a potentially infinite range of custom furnishing features in residential and commercial contexts, in restaurants and entertainment venues in general, and in workplaces. For contemporary design with meticulous attention to detail.

Not just for furnishing. Thanks to the full range of functional pieces available, The Top is the ideal raw material for designing and covering any type of architectural surface: from staircases to thresholds and windowsills, from copings to outdoor facades, to all custom-made coving and trim components. These tailored, versatile solutions can be combined with many other Marazzi collections, for a mix&match of ceramic materials that provide a total living-space design package.