Inviting elegance

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The kitchen becomes a fluid space that coexists with the living area. The choice of materials is aimed at simple handling and The Top collections allow safe and durable surfaces to be used for tailor-made solutions. There is a wide range of potential combinations and a mix & match between marble, stone and wood effects.

Home environments with dynamic, open kitchens that coexist, integrated, in the living area’s living space. A trend that emerged from urban flats due to the reduction in square footage, these multifunctional spaces express the need for fluid living, combining public and private, agile working and everyday life. The choice of materials is aimed at simple handling and multi-functionality: porcelain stoneware guarantees safe and resistant surfaces, including in contact with food thanks to Puro Marazzi Antibacterial Premium technology, which can be applied extensively from the kitchen to the living room elements.

The large-size Marazzi The Top slabs emphasise the important decorative presence of porcelain stoneware. Applicable from countertops to work area backsplashes, tables and vertical covering of storage units, the collections make it possible to achieve tailor-made furnishing solutions with multiple personalities. For example, Wood Look’s amazingly accurate detailing can be combined with the warm, porous texture of travertine or the patterned and shaded veining of precious polychrome marble to create vibrant vertical coverings. The choice of more traditional marble effects, such as Statuario or Calacatta, brings a traditional touch back to minimal, contemporary spaces.

The mix & match of colours and textures in The Top’s large slabs create environments with different styles and atmospheres, in which the various elements stand out in different ways. Porcelain stoneware appears on large tables, which can be customised thanks to the rich variety of finishes, also featured on the tops of consoles, sideboards and cupboards.

Stoneware’s practicality and ease of maintenance frees you from the constraints of the natural materials that are reproduced here. Moreover, the optimal use of 3D Ink Premium Technology, which perfectly combines digital printing with surface structure, allows for different textural results on each piece.