Interview to architect Ariberto Colombo

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Interview to architect Ariberto Colombo - 1

Interview to architect Ariberto Colombo

Architect Ariberto Colombo.

Why do you often choose to use ceramics? And why Marazzi ceramics in particular?

I often use ceramics as a covering material in my designs because I believe it to be the most democratic of materials, it is suited to any requirements, has excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, and is available in a vast range of decoration, colours, formats and thicknesses.

Marazzi products have always allowed me to complete my projects without compromising my requirements for creativity, construction and budget; and the company also provides outstanding technical and commercial support during the design phase.

These are the basic reasons I choose Marazzi.

What does architecture mean to you?

Architecture, like music, literature and the other arts, is the most tangible and recognisable way of interpreting the evolution of man through time, and giving a concrete answer to the need for social development.

I could sum up my approach with two aphorisms, both taken from renowned architects:

- “Every great architect is - necessarily - a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter

of his time, his day, his age.” Frank Lloyd Wright

- “Our architecture reflects truly as a mirror.” Louis Henry Sullivan

Out of all the masterpieces of world architecture of all times, which is the first that comes to your mind, and why?

If I had to choose just one masterpiece of world architecture, I'd have to say the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA, which are a primordial example of architectonic simplicity and purity, both elemental and rational; and if you consider the time they were built and the state of knowledge at that time - my hat's off to them

Today, out of all the historical and contemporary works of the masters worldwide, I'd have to choose Gio Ponti with his “PIRELLONE” building in Milan.

Not only do I have the greatest professional admiration for the architect himself, but the building has really stood the test of time.

What three concepts should an architect never forget?


These are the three key concepts of my studio's MISSION statement.