Installing a raised floor: what are the marazzi solution?

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Installing a raised floor: what are the marazzi solution? - 1

Marazzi Engineering offers professional raised floor solutions. Explore their benefits and characteristics. 

A raised flooris a system of modular elements consisting of a supporting structure and the raised floor covering itself. It allows the creation of an unbroken utility cavity underneath the floor’s surface, capable of housing all electrical, plumbing, telecommunications and data transmission, heating, air-conditioning and security systems.

It is a lightweight construction system with a completely dry installation process, suitable for both indoor floors and outdoor pavings. Also known as suspended floors, raised floors are very useful and widely used in commercial buildings, where they make it easier to change layouts, shift utility connections and change the functions of rooms.

The facing surface may be in any type of material - porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, or natural materials such as wood and stone.

Marazzi Engineering, the Marazzi division that specialises in the field of ventilated curtain walls and raised floors, can also supply “turnkey” solutions suitable for your home.