Industrial style for a modern loft in the Milan area

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A renovation in which the design choices are enhanced by stone and wood-effect stoneware

 When carrying out a renovation it is necessary to follow a common thread from the outset in order to enhance every single choice, whether it be coverings, furnishings, materials or finishing colours.
In this case, the designer, architect Giancarlo Clementi, rethought a work space and converted it into a private home, preserving the original spaces and large openings. 

The result is a modern loft clearly inspired by industrial style, featuring contrasting black metal finishes, minimalist white furniture and a few splashes of bright colours (mainly yellow and orange). Porcelain stoneware was chosen for all the coverings in the interiors, alternating between wood-effect and stone-effect stoneware.

The open space living area on the ground floor was covered with the Mystone Ardesia collection in the large 75×150 size: the large slabs were laid both on the floor and on the wall positioned under the large arch overlooking the inner courtyard. The anthracite shade and exquisite details that recall the variations of veining, a typical characteristic of sedimentary rock, make the space elegant and exclusive: in this case the dark colour scheme highlights the industrial inspiration, but Mystone Ardesia is also available in lighter shades of Cenere and Bianco.

On the upper floor, connected to the lower floor by a large black staircase, a wood-effect porcelain stoneware covering was chosen from the Treverkhome collection. Of the 8 available variants, for the loft the choice fell on the ash-effect stoneware in 2 different sizes – 15×120 and 20×120 – laid alternately.

The key element in the 2 bathrooms, one with access to the master bedroom and the other for guests and the other 2 bedrooms, is once again stone-effect stoneware: in the first case the collection selected is Pietra di Vals, while in the second it is Gris Fleury, both in the Mystone range. Installed by alternating the 30×60 and 60×60 sizes in the same colour (grey) in both rooms, the two collections give the project a uniform background style: the loft is therefore a coherent, minimalist space, while the two bathrooms are elegant and linear.