How to furnish and cover the floor of a shabby-chic bedroom

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How to Furnish and Cover the Floor of a Shabby-chic Bedroom - 1

Traditional materials, light colours and, for the floor, rustic wood-effect stoneware from the Treverkstage collection

Attractive, nostalgic and romantic. Shabby chic is a style that evokes the period atmosphere of elegant, comfortable cottagesin the English countryside. Every room in the house can be furnished by taking inspiration from this style, but shabby chic is absolutely ideal for the bedroom, especially if you like to enjoy this room as a kind ofwelcoming, peaceful hideaway, a place where you can escape your everyday routine.

A shabby-chic room can containfurniture with a soft, clean design. You can choose carefully restored vintage furniture that allows you to glimpse signs of use and timeand enhance the uniqueness of the imperfections, while maintaining the special time-worn allure typical of shabby-chic style. Alternatively, you can use new furniture, provided it has a matching design and a matt – never glossy – finish, for example with the pickling technique.

For the furniture, furnishing accessories, curtains, upholstery and linen or for the floors and walls of a shabby-chic room, you can focus on light, natural and matt colours: first of all, whites, as well as beiges and greysor dusty pastel shades (powder pink, peach, sage green, light blue and lilac).

The materialsthat best match your shabby-chic style bedroom are natural and traditional: wood and wrought iron for furnishings and accessories; cotton, silk, lace and embroidery for linen, upholstery and curtains.

The typical shabby-chic floor does not feature rugs and is made of rather rawwood, although stone and terracottaalso perfectly interpret the spirit of times gone by. If you prefer the aesthetics of wood with a solution that is both beautiful and practical, Marazzi’s Treverkstage wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection is perfect for a shabby-chic style floor.

The rustic wood-effect stoneware tiles, available in 20x120 cm planks, feature vein patterns and knots typical of the natural material, signs of saw cutting and the thin cracks that form during the aging process. If you want to decorate a shabby-chic bedroom with a classic colour scheme of total white with shades of ivory or cream, with the Treverkstagecollection you can opt for light colours: white or beige, in other words the natural colour of wood. However, you can choose darker shades –grey or brown – if you prefer a more sophisticated colour scheme which, as well as white, contains colours such as pearl grey, beige or ecru.

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