How to clean ceramic tiles

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How to clean ceramic tiles - 1

Read our recommendations for cleaning Marazzi ceramic floor and wall tiles. 

To ensure that floor and wall tiles are aesthetically perfect and easy to maintain, the first wash after installation is crucial and must be performed in accordance with precise criteria.

Post-installation cleaning
An acid wash after installation is essential to eliminate site residues such as adhesive, paint and dust. This wash must be carried out after the cement grout has dried out, which takes at least 24-48 hours for quicksetting and quick-drying products. In any case the grout manufacturer’s instructions must be followed. l Sweep the floor thoroughly and apply the descaling product using a mop. l Leave for a few minutes. l Rub the most encrusted areas vigorously using an abrasive sponge. l Use cloths to collect the residues and rinse. When using epoxy grouts, use a specially formulated detergent and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preparation, application and cleaning.

Routine maintenace
Italian ceramic tiles are very quick and easy to clean. Floors and walls can simply be washed using warm water and a normal neutral household cleaner.

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