Horeca: Patisserie

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Food is one of the defining factors of our lives, not only in terms of what we choose to eat every day but also in our past experiences, crowding our minds with unforgettable pleasant memories that go back to our earliest years

Pastry shops are amongst the places we love to remember and which we still visit with all the excitement of discovery.
These shops were furnished tastefully and elegantly, to present the products on show with decorative sophistication. In the early 20th Century many pastry shops extended their premises to include a café corner, where the fragrances of the pastries being prepared wafted in from the adjoining bakery area.

These timeless places, often located in historic buildings in city centres, are the inspiration of the Patisserie design preview.
The interior is on the ground floor of an elegant building in the centre of a European capital, an ideal location for relaxing and letting your tastebuds be delighted.

In both versions, the interior is dominated by the Crogiolo Rice collection. Its small sizes and “flawed” glossy finish that evokes majolica ware, in the Grigio, Bianco and Natural Lux colours, cover the pillars and appear in a random geometric pattern on the wall behind the serving counter. The bases of the columns and the masonry are clad in Grande Resin Look collection Rosa Cold Satin slabs. Plank tiles in Oltre stoneware, in Sand shade, complete the design of this attractive space.

In the second version, the counter and boiserie, as well as the pillars, are defined around their bases by the Leaf decor from the Crogiolo Rice collection. The bar back area, covered with Grande Resin Look Blu Cold Satin slabs, confirms the predominant chromatic note and contrasts with the Mystone Ardesia slabs, in Bianco colour, which cover the floor.

Concept and interior design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

Patisserie Crogiolo + Grande + Oltre

Floor: M9DN Oltre Sand 22,5×180 cm

Wall: M961 Crogiolo Rice Bianco Lux 15×15 cm
M963 Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 15×15 cm
M962 Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 15×15 cm
M96N Crogiolo Rice Bianco Lux 5×15 cm
M96Q Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 5×15 cm
M96P Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 5×15 cm

Kitchen top: M9D1 Grande Marble Look Onyx White Lux 120×278 cm
M9UE Grande Resin Look Rosa Silky 120×278 cm

Patisserie Crogiolo + Mystone + Oltre

Floor: M9DM Oltre Natural 22,5×180 cm

Wall: M963 Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 15×15 cm
M964 Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 15×15 cm
M96Q Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 5×15 cm
M9HT Mystone Ardesia Bianco 120×120 cm

Kitchen top: M96V Crogiolo Rice Grigio Decoro Leaf Lux 5×15 cm
M9HT Mystone Ardesia Bianco 120×120 cm