Home tour: different stoneware looks for a dream villa at Marsala

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Explore the Stonework, Block, Essenziale, Paint and Materika collections in this project

For many people, Marsala must be dangerously close to their idea of paradise. It is on the western tip of Sicily, on a piece of land kissed by breath-taking sunsets over the Mediterranean. Across the sea, Africa on one side and Sardinia on the other. Just off the coast, the lush beauty of the island of Favignana.

Rich natural life, beaches with crystal-clear water, sun and dazzling light: this heavenly location is the site of a modern luxury villa surrounded by palm trees and divided into individual homes by a lawn and pool.

The architectural project is minimal and simple, with a predominance of white. The snowy colour of the individual villas stands out against the green of the lawns and the blue of the sky, reflected in the pool. The spaces are ample, and the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor is amplified by the use of floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow the light and sun into the home. This fusion is rendered even more effective by the decision to cover the indoor floorings and outdoor paved areas with the same materials: the Stonework collection, comprising marvellous stone-look tiles in porcelain stoneware, is used throughout the villa in two different sizes 60×60 cm (indoor) and 30×60 cm (outdoor), It runs in the same colour (a neutral grey) from the living to the sleeping area, and from the bathrooms to the outdoor verandas.

Only the seats on the roof terraces, private areas for enjoying the sunset in a mood of total relaxation, are covered with tiles decorated with alternating geometrical patterns in the resin-look porcelain stoneware of the Block collection in 15×15 cm size.

The bathrooms retain the same colour scheme, with grey on the floor and gleaming white wall tiles, in a variety of tactile and three-dimensional effects. Essenziale, with its silky surfaces, was used both in the smooth version and with relief floral decor, to add variety to two walls.

A second bathroom was decorated with the concrete-look with matt surface of the Paint collection, and a third features the rippled 3D relief of the Materika collection, which won the Ceramics Design Award 2015 for its dynamic structure and slimline thickness.


 The photography is by Alfio Garozzo.