The beauty of the Chevron pattern rediscovered in interior design projects

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The elegance of antique parquet floors is now brought back to life by the versatile Chevron installation pattern, which combines an elegant, cosmopolitan style with the most widely varying settings.

The famous zigzag Chevron motif has now been popular for some years in many different contexts. From clothing to accessories, this distinctive pattern (usually featured in a dazzling black and white) is enjoying a major comeback after a long period of monochrome fashions. The herringbone motif trend originated in the world of fashion but over time has spread to decorate every kind of interior design accessory, from fabrics to wall and floor coverings. Thus now, through the Chevron pattern in floor tile installation, we are seeing the splendour and elegance of the floors of bygone days, such as French parquet, live again in the French or Hungarian chevron variants, not to mention the distinctively Italian herringbone version. A versatile solution, ideal for the most widely varying interior design schemes and locations.

In Italian herringbone patterns, the identical rectangular blocks are laid perpendicular to each other. This means that the end of one block is placed against the side of the next, forming a pattern which resembles the fish bone that gives it its name. The pattern may run parallel or diagonal to the walls. Another variant of this installation pattern is French or Hungarian Chevron, in which the ends of the tiles are cut at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees.

Marazzi also rediscovers the timeless beauty of Chevron parquet, in two different collections.

The first is Treverksoul, a wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection with an aristocratic soul and a contemporary feel, offering a fresh, unconventional take on the exquisite elegance of antique parquet floors thanks to the small Chevron size, available with the 45° angle ideal for the French or Hungarian patterns. Treverksoul comes in three shades capable of adding warmth and light to any interior.

The second is Treverkmust, a collection that evokes the flavour of oiled, bleached wooden planks with two versions to choose from: with large repaired knots, veining and colour variations in the basic version, and with patterning without knots for the more refined alternative, Selection. The collection's potential is extended by the versatile Chevron size (here again also available with 45° angle), for blending a simple elegance with a sophisticated, cosmopolitan style. In Brown colour, Treverkmust catches the eye and combines attractively with furniture in wood, leather and other materials with an elegant lived-in appearance.