Grande slabs in a sculptural landscape

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Cersaie 2021: large size porcelain stoneware - 1

Marazzi Hub is Alessandro Pasinelli’s project showcasing the utmost expressiveness of large-size slabs. Different types of stone, marble, metal, resin and wood applied to floors, vertical coverings and furniture surfaces.

A hybrid, changeable and transformable environment. Neither a bar nor a café, the Marazzi Hub is a multidisciplinary space designed by Alessandro Pasinelli which features a sculptural landscape made up of shapes and interlocking materials that create work surfaces, room partitions and functional corners. Dynamic volumes in which the different versions of porcelain stoneware display the maximum expressiveness of The Top Grande Marazzi collection of large-size slabs: different types of stone, marble, metal, resin and wood that harmoniously blend together. Porphyry, Onyx, Verde Aver and Venetian Terrazzo are parts of a tactile puzzle that also produces furnishings such as a storage unit with visible shelves and hinged doors, a bench, two cantilever tables, a planter and several worktops. Stoneware becomes a design archetype, a conscious and sustainable choice for interpreting new functions and uses.

Marazzi Hub presents a daring mix & match between the different finishes of the Grande collection slabs: Marble Look Verde Aver, Calacatta Extra and Ghiara Minuta. Placed vertically and horizontally, the slabs make the volumes sometimes perspectival and sometimes linear, oversized or light depending on the view, highlighting the potential of custom made. Because contemporary furnishings require elegant, refined materials that are increasingly technological, sustainable and capable of accurately reproducing the textures and sensations of the finest types of marble, natural stone, wood, resin and concrete. Finishes and colour variants that are now possible thanks to sophisticated digital technologies applied to stoneware, of which the new Sodalite Blu surface is a prime example, masterfully interpreting the rarest ‘marble look’.

For furnishing solutions, the dedicated Marazzi The Top collection makes it possible to create tops with structural features in finishes with a marble, stone, metal, resin and Venetian Terrazzo effect. There is also a wood effect, applied here to the desk made with the new Grande Wood Look Rovere Francese slabs.

To complete the setting, Marazzi Hub presents a green oasis around the perimeter, featuring families of perennial cacti, which, individually or in large groups, form geometric shapes, creating an authentic botanical garden.

Project and styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio