Grande gets bigger

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Slabs of up to 162x324 cm and new surfaces for the Grande collection by Marazzi

New surfaces, new sizes and a new thickness: the Marazzi Grande porcelain stoneware slab collection gets even bigger, to extend design and personalisation potentials through a range of amazingly ductile, versatile, resistant materials.

Two new sizes, 160×320 cm rectified in 6 mm and 162×324 cm in 12 mm, now join the existing 120×120 cm and 120×240 cm in the 6 mm thickness.

This variety of extra-large slabs opens the way to original compositional opportunities, for creating seamless or discontinuous visual effects on horizontal and vertical flat surfaces, furnishings, bathroom and kitchen counters, worktops, architectural facades, for indoor and outdoor solutions and for an ever-richer range of tailor made options.

As well as the lightweight 6 mm thickness, Grande 2018 now also offers the solidity of 12 mm slabs, designed to enable the material to flow over surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom counters, backsplashes, tables, furniture and building facades.

A leading-edge technology, perfected and customised in a new factory only producing porcelain stoneware slabs, achieves extremely sophisticated satiny and glossy surfaces, immune to time and now even more resistant, making the material uniquely ductile and shapable.

The exploration of the topic of continuity of material for the Grande 2018 porcelain stoneware slab collection now develops new finishes, to allow greater creative freedom, as the ceramic covering becomes almost a second skin, designed to run seamlessly over any surface.

The existing Grande range is extended with the solid colours black and white, five new tributes to the timeless elegance of marble, an unusual white version of the sophisticated concrete effect and three iridescent metal effect surfaces, evolved through ground-breaking research and experimentation on materials, giving a total of more than 60 different articles through the different size-surface combinations.

The sophisticated variety of finishes is intended to enable greater customisation of stylistic effects during the architectural design phase, with the aim of delivering the most complete response possible to design professionals’ demands.