Grand Carpet, new porcelain stoneware designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

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Grand Carpet a collection by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel - 1

Grand Carpet collection celebrates the amazing creative and decorative potentials of Marazzi porcelain stoneware 

"Ceramic stoneware, a material capable of amazing performances, is constantly adopting more and more sophisticated production technologies, extending its tile sizes and geometrical forms. It is a tough, neutral, healthy, recyclable material, with surfaces that can evoke and reproduce a limitless range of visual effects.

We turned to the oriental decorative tradition for a design theme able to bring out all the beauty of the large slab size and the warm nature of the ceramic body material.

Grand Carpet combines the style of oriental carpet patterns with inputs from the Kolam tradition of ephemeral rice floor decorations, and Mehindi, the Indian temporary ritual tattoos.

The gigantic scale, the fragmentation of the pattern, and the versatility of the geometrical composition of the parts, not necessarily obliged to make up a formal figure, all reinforce the impression of symbolic decoration.

The pattern is applied using a contemporary method based on dots, a printing screen or pixels; the graphic language, with its strong kinship to modernity, introduces the theme of visual perception in the horizontal perspective of the floor covering.

The pattern becomes an evanescent perception, changing depending on viewpoint and not static. Above all, it is closely integrated with the tactile values of the flooring material itself.

Gran Carpet overcome the paradox that often afflicts decoration in architecture, which must be neutral and yet still reinforce the project's character and aims, and remain in the background yet be highly relevant in attributing identity and recognition to space"

The Grand Carpet project, produced in 6 different modules of 120x240 cm in 6 mm thickness, and in two extremely sophisticated colour shades, Smoke and Sand, represents an original approach to large slabs and to porcelain stoneware itself, “easy to handle and creative in its surface finishes, a characteristic not found in any other engineered material,” in the words of the architects Citterio and Viel.

Grand Carpet is intended for covering horizontal and vertical surfaces, indoors and outdoors, in both residential and contract locations.

*Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel – Grand Carpet

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