Fresco, the new ceramic wall tiles that evoke the look of plaster

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Ceramics interpret the latest home decor trend from Japan

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese term that refers to an entire world view, of Buddhist origin, based on an acceptance of the transient nature of things and the beauty to be found in imperfection.

It is also a word which crops up a great deal today when discussing the 2018 trends in the world of interior design : it is reflected in design schemes which make use of natural fabrics and materials, coverings with a tactile, substantial appearance and hand-made objects – in other words, a lived-in look where flaws are a feature.

Marazzi continues its investigation of the theme of imperfection, already successfully begun with the Treverklife wood effect stoneware – inspired by the time-worn, decayed wood of Venice's navigation "dolphins -, with the new Fresco collection.

Fresco is the new wall covering that reproduces the look of hand-applied plaster. This ceramic tile collection is perfect for the various rooms of the home (and also for hospitality venues and small retail premises) with a new, strongly tactile effect.

The collection comprises a single size – 32.5×97.7 cm – and various decors, in five colours.
Micromos, for example, is a new mosaic 3D structure with irregular chips with worn edges, which has a truly unique, almost shimmering effect when applied to the wall. It is a wall covering with potential for areas of the home where mosaic decoration would not normally be used, such as the "bed-head" wall.
The Crochet decor also expresses the beauty of imperfection, but this time that of time-worn decorated plastered walls. This decor has a very realistic tactile effect and colouring, available in one warm and one cool chromatic variant, to provide both covering and decoration.

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