Focus on colour

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Super glossy glazes and a discerning selection of ten colours to brighten up wall coverings. Luz evokes the artisan feel of the hand-laid material, adding vigour and vibrancy to spaces

The Luz collection is an ode to solid colour, so vibrant that it makes spaces vibrate. It is part of the Crogiolo range which, on the back of the research carried out on ceramics in the 1980s by the Marazzi artistic workshop of the same name, reinterprets the small size and imperfect beauty of handmade items within the context of industrial production.

The super glossy glaze and irregular and unique surface of each piece are distinctive characteristics of the collection and take their inspiration from the ancient Portuguese ceramic tile tradition. Ten carefully chosen colours: from the contrasting Bianco and Nero to the warm tones of Rosa, Giallo and Caramel which segues into Aragosta; from a discerning range of greens (Oliva and Ottanio) to the cooler hues of Azzurro Polvere and Cobalto. Pure pigment, which illuminates and shines thanks to the irregular surfaces that recall the streaks and mottled effects or the slight imperfections of the hand-laid material.

The Luz collection also stands out for its semi-shaped edges, a new feature of the Crogiolo range, which recall the drawing and cutting by knife of the unfired piece, enriching the irregular surface of the tile which is further emphasised by the accentuated geometry of its rectangular shape (5.3×30 cm). The thin part of the edges in any case remains rectified, for a crafted yet nonetheless perfect installation.

Despite its original size, Luz dialogues effectively with the other collections of the Crogiolo range and, thanks to the contrast with the intense and brilliant colours, with the wide array of stone, marble, concrete and wood effects of the Marazzi collections.