A factory for SistemS, Marazzi’s new technical stoneware

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Marlit is Marazzi’s new hyper-technological factory for the new Sistem S stoneware: 8 colours and 4 surfaces for designing any space

Marazzi’s new SistemS stoneware is an optimal, high-performance solution for public and retail locations that require materials with outstanding technical characteristics intended for heavy use.

The initial material inspiration is trowelled concrete. The sought-after effect is that of a very technical, resistant and hard surface – also suitable for airports and metros – that is as attractive and soft to the touch as possible and comes in several colours: a very difficult challenge, which has been overcome in Marazzi’s brand new Marlit plant. 

In the new factory, a result of the union and reconstruction of two factories in Marazzi’s historic industrial site in Sassuolo, now equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, the SistemS collection combines the beauty of ceramic surfaces, the patterning of the most elegant concrete and the highest technical performance in a single product.

The SistemS colour palette, which consists of 8 colours – Oliva, Antracite, Cenere, Grafite, Osso, Peltro, Taupe and Sand – embellishes and softens the typical colours of concrete with warmer shades, close to the natural colours of clay and volcanic soil.

The surfaces include the brand new Tadelakt, a glossy-matt finish inspired by the Moroccan technique of the same name, which was originally used for hammams and garden bathrooms.

The satin and almost waxed appearance of this new surface joins the Natural, Polished and Structured surfaces that allow the collection to be used in different environments, on both the floor and wall, and in contexts with different levels of stress, including heavy stress.

Its wide range, varied colours and different finishes also make SistemS perfectly suited to the design of residential interiors and exteriors.

Overall, choosing SistemS means relying on a versatile, high-performance collection that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and can satisfy multiple needs: it is ideal for installation in combination with SistemU, Marazzi’s wood-effect stoneware collection, which is available in the same colours.