Fabric, the fabric-effect ceramic wall tiles for every room in the home

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The collection inspired by natural textiles, for covering walls and decorating interiors with discretion and originality

The fabric effect is without a doubt one of the trendiest, most stunning ceramic wall tile looks: homes can now be "covered" with ceramics that resemble real textiles, with a highly decorative effect.

Fabric is the brand new Marazzi white body ceramic tile collection, inspired by the weaves and colours of natural fibres, such as cotton, jute, linen, hemp and wool.

Fabric is a ceramic tile designed to delight the touch as well as the eyes, with three-dimensional effects that accurately reproduce the weaves of the cloth. The Basket structure subtly evokes the interwoven texture of the fabric through countless little relief threads, while the Fold structure re-creates the folds in the fabric itself, with a delicate horizontal stripe pattern.

What's more, using the very latest digital printing technologies, the fabric's patterning and colours are interpreted in three different types of decor.

Canvas is a vertical stripe decor, comprising micro-textures in different shades and generating a strong visual impact; Taylor is a patchwork of different fabrics, with attractively graduated use of warm or cool colours; and Tapestry is the damask-effect decor with metal inserts, perfect for the most daring design schemes. 

The rectified 40×120 cm size creates ceramic wall coverings with minimal joints, while the 6 mm slimline thickness makes application on walls even easier.

Fabric is the new Marazzi tile designed to give added personality to bathrooms and kitchens with the aid of an original ceramic wall covering, but it is also perfect for creating delightful decorative touches in other rooms of the home – such as the living-room and bedroom – where ceramic wall tiles are less widely used. Last but not least, Fabric is also an excellent solution for finishing the interiors of public buildings, a great alternative for restaurants and hospitality locations, or retail stores.

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