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Spaces we use every day, familiar and reassuring, yet also amazing in the quality of their design, furnishings and materials, all reflecting Italian savoir faire. These are some of the ingredients of the Marazzi 2023 international advertising campaign, which features the new Grande marble-effect slabs with a contemporary air and the Crogiolo Confetto small-size tiles with uneven surface, both manufactured in a closed-cycle, environment-friendly process.

The new Marazzi advertising campaign for 2023 presents an intimate bathroom, designed with the new contemporary-style marble-effect slabs and collections with low environmental impact, an essential factor when choosing materials for the home.

The age of slimline-thickness large porcelain stoneware slabs ushers in a new era of infinite potential for mix & match installations with small-size tiles, from chips to square, rectangular and polygonal mini-bricks, from listels to wood-effect stoneware planks and slimline wall coverings in solid colours or with 3D structures and a vast array of finishes: matt, semi-matt, glossy and glassy.

“We like to imagine the lives of the people who live in the places we design,” explain Chiara Ormelli and Massimo Colonna, founders of the Il Magma collective that designed the campaign: “their personal care routines, intimate moments in the dim yet sharp, energising early-morning light. With digital tools, we can try out and carefully calculate the emotion our living-spaces can convey, often generated by the materials – harsh, iridescent or geometrical – we use. In these images, we also wanted to express the Italian identity and its roots in the history of architecture and a tradition of ‘well-made’ craftsmanship.”

The veining and variegated shades of the rarest, most exquisite marbles enjoy new life in this bathroom, in the age of digitalisation of natural textures and the amazing realism and tactile beauty of large-size slabs, while never forgetting sustainability in building choices. The heritage character of Grande Marble Look Giallo Siena and Grande Marble Look Calacatta Black gives way, in the background, to the contemporary appeal of Grande Marble Look Fior di Pesco Carnico, which covers the doors of the wall cupboard and Onice Giada, which shapes the washbasins standing on the vintage cabinet.

On the right-hand wall, the light dialogues with the tiles of Crogiolo Confetto, a small-size porcelain stoneware collection with an uneven, semi-matt, soft-touch surface. The installation pattern is constructed with the bas-relief module (Savoiardo 3D Structure, 5×15 cm), which interprets the famous Marazzi “Canne d’Organo” collection by designer and sculptor Nino Caruso, from the Seventies. In Bone colour here, it is available in an assortment of warm and cold solid shades.
Both collections are manufactured by a closed-cycle production method to reduce use of resources.
An attractive, tasteful ensemble that establishes a harmony between the lessons of the past and the drive towards the new dimension of future living-spaces.