A classic and elegant bathroom. Mix&match between modernity and tradition

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Inspirational colours, materials and shapes for decorating a timeless bathroom with the new Marazzi marble-effect stoneware.

From its secondary, strictly utilitarian role of the past, during the last few years a bathroom has increasingly become a room to be lived in, which must dialogue with the rest of the home. This connection is often achieved through effects with contrasting styles, as in the world of fashion, where the total look is now losing popularity, with a greater focus on more originality and individual personality. So classic bathrooms can now be included in apartments decorated in minimal style, or a modern bathroom design can appear in period buildings with a clear historic identity in both their architecture and their finishes.

When it comes to the stylistic features that make up an elegant, classic bathroom, this mix&match comes to the fore in the materials used and in the colour scheme.

When the classical beauty of marble meets technological innovation, the result is Allmarble, a porcelain stoneware collection of floor and wall coverings that interprets very rare types of marble including Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frappuccino. This marble-effect collection, available in the Lux, natural, structured and Silk finishes, is ideal for bathrooms designed with curved, classical shapes, and can provide finishes in colours from dark, warm shades through to more modern tones, almost total white. What's more, Allmarble stoneware forms elegant partnerships with tap fittings in chrome or bronze (the latest trend for 2017!), and also in black, for a more contemporary, sophisticated look. The collection is completed by the new hexagonal shape, very effective for giving added personality to original, sophisticated interiors.

Our range also includes the Elegance collection, ideal for decorating a classic, elegant bathroom. Elegance is a project that mixes modernity and tradition, minimalism and classic style. This collection, with its linear, smooth design, featuring a mosaic in modular geometric patterns, decors inspired by brocade and damask motifs and 3D structures on slimline tiles, creates eclectic interiors with strong visual impact.