Eco luxury in the Schlern area

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In the heart of the Dolomites, amidst enchanting views and ancient trees, the NOA* firm’s project proposes a new kind of hospitality

NOA* (Network Of Architecture) is considered one of the major Italian firms specializing in mountain architecture due to its ability to apply its own holistic approach to the many projects that it has brilliantly completed in recent years. This philosophy translates into a spontaneous commitment to sustainability, understood in the most authentic way as respect for the local area and identity, translated from a contemporary perspective and inspired by a strong international outlook.

The Parc Hotel Florian, located at the foot of Seis am Schlern – one of the most popular locations for both summer and winter holidays – is a renowned establishment also known for the beautiful park surrounding it, which contains centuries-old trees. The owner’s request for an extension was satisfied with the addition of an original ten-suite structure, completed last year, to the side of the existing hotel. Although the owner had full confidence in the project, it was essential for the park to remain the focal point.

The Bolzano-based firm thus designed ten small buildings in succession, suspended from the ground like tree houses, developed on two floors and connected by a long corridor. Overlapping and staggered, with grey wooden facades, the modules of the Floris Green Suites allow guests to fully enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape and to feel as though they are staying in an independent house (each suite has five rooms) with all the convenience of services that only a luxury hotel can provide. 

The interior spaces – dominated by the green, grey and smoked oak of the floors – are fluid, featuring large windows that permit a continuous interplay between inside and outside. While the living area is central and ends in a large balcony, the bathroom area remains more intimate, located at the rear of the suite, dominated by dark colours, with black sanitary ware and a private Finnish sauna. The open shower area and freestanding washbasin with a mirror are eye-catching features covered with stoneware from Marazzi’s Crogiolo Lume collection, which, selected in the vibrant colour Green, immediately evokes the elegant atmosphere of a transalpine spa. Laid vertically in the new 6×24 cm size, the Crogiolo Lume series features a texture with varying colour gradations that create striking light refractions. The small irregularities in the surface give the impression of handmade workmanship.

Photo credits: Alex Filz