Does Marazzi hold green certifications?

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Does Marazzi hold green certifications? - 1

Marazzi manufactures all its tiles in "closed cycle" plants that comply with eco-sustainability standards. All products have ECOLABEL certification. 

All Marazzi ceramic and porcelain tiles are produced in “closed cycle” factories, compliant with the highest standards in terms of environmental quality of the entire production process.
A product’s eco-sustainability is also certified by specific standards, such as the European Union ECOLABEL environmental quality mark, awarded to products which satisfy and comply with both environmental requirements as well as the rational use of energy and natural resources, and are LEED certified, which is America's leading energy-environmental certification promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council. 
The LEED certification requirements promote the reduction of environmental impacts due to the quarrying and processing of raw materials, encouraging the use of construction materials consisting of at least 40% recycled material.Several Marazzi ceramic and porcelain tile collections have Ecolabel and/or Leed certification, and are identified in the catalogue by the word GREEN .

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