Digital developments and even better performances

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Research has always been a distinctive goal of Marazzi, enabling the brand to build up impressive technological expertise. The new Zero Glossy, Sublime Sync, Body Plus, High Performance, Puro Marazzi Antibacterial and StepWise Premium Technologies provide a unique range of performances for users to choose from. The latest addition is 3D Ink, the digital printing process that simultaneously creates the structure of the porcelain stoneware surface, for unprecedented aesthetic quality and durability.

Let’s take a detailed look at all the innovations that in recent months have defined this wide range of implementations of the high-performing surfaces produced by Marazzi, across the product systems represented in the new catalogue.

Zero Glossy   is the latest frontier in colour research by the Marazzi laboratories, which have developed a series of glazes with a range of very low reflections equivalent to those of light on natural and mineral surfaces. The Zero Glossy finish makes it possible to obtain super-matt or extra-matt surfaces, one of the most enduring trends in interior design, which perfectly meet the most demanding performance specifications.

The new Sublime Sync production technology allows digital printing and material structure to come together in high definition. The use of latest-generation optical sensors applied to the production lines allows textures to be precisely read, associating them with multiple graphic patterns by calibrating the degrees of gloss or opacity of the glazes during installation. Thanks to this technology, the design perfectly integrates with the material texture, achieving an unprecedented depth and precision on both natural and structured surfaces.

BodyPlus is an evolution of research on raw materials that results in a change of consistency in the body mixes and more uniform compositions, including in cross-section of the stoneware produced with digital technology, guaranteeing naturalness and aesthetic appeal in the most restrictive specifications. BodyPlus stoneware tiles are produced by pressing mixtures of naturally coloured raw materials with the inclusion of micro-pebbles, grits and chips that match the colour and structure of the product’s surface.

The High Performance technology: its advanced production processes characterize porcelain stoneware products designed for vertical surfaces that have to withstand high stress and horizontal surfaces subjected to heavy traffic. Made with exclusive technologies, High Performance ceramic materials offer extraordinarily high performance from a technical standpoint and meet the strictest international regulatory standards and performance specifications.

The large family of recent innovations also includes two other important solutions already presented to the market: Puro Marazzi Antibacterial and StepWise

Puro Marazzi Antibacterial is the new antibacterial technology for ceramic surfaces, developed to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, rapidly and effectively combating their proliferation and preventing the formation of stains and unpleasant odours.

The antibacterial action, tested in accordance with the strictest international standards, is guaranteed by an advanced and exclusive silver ion treatment that is incorporated into the ceramic material during the production process and ensures active and permanent protection on surfaces in any light condition, including in the absence of UV rays.

StepWise is the new production process that characterizes products with a high slip resistance and a surface that is soft to the touch and easy to clean thanks to the absence of surface roughness. Working on all industrial stages, from research on raw materials and glazes to the type of grinding, pressing and firing, StepWise represents an intrinsic characteristic of the product that remains unchanged over time.

3D Ink is the latest evolution of the digital technologies applied to porcelain stoneware perfected in the Marazzi labs. The perfect matching of 3D structures and patterns, different for every single piece, gives surfaces unprecedented volume and textural realism thanks to an advanced system that combines optical recognition and precision printing of patterns and textures. This new production process enables infinite customisation and extension of the ceramic surface’s structure, with amazing shine and authenticity of colour. The porcelain stoneware tiles retain all their technical qualities, performances and durability unchanged. What’s more, with 3D Ink, collections can also be further enhanced by other Premium Technologies, such as StepWise.