Decoration, colour and a 3D effect for the new eclectic style

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Trends from the fashion world are incorporated in the 3D-effect textures, floral and geometric patterns and colours of “Eclettica”, the new, versatile and contemporary ceramic wall covering.

Recently, like never before, ceramic has been freely expressed through colours and decorations, recovering colours, shapes and patterns from the ’70s and ’80s through a balanced mix & match and reinterpreting them in a contemporary way.

A fabric effect, with textures and decorations similar to wallpaper, three-dimensional effects, made possible by the latest technologies, and elegant new saturated colours are the elements of Marazzi’s new Eclettica ceramic collection, an extremely versatile wall covering suited for various design needs.

In the 40×120 cm size, with a thickness of just 6 mm, Eclettica is distinguished by a vibrant chromatic energy made up of multiple possible combinations that stem from the encounter between the latest fashion and interior design trends.

Alongside neutral shades ranging from white to dark grey, there are colours such as pink, purple, sage green and a deep, dusty blue that pair well together, with the insertion of black or metal-effect rods, on very striking boiserie perfect for giving a new character to the walls of the home or to commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants and shops.

The collection is also enhanced by two 3D-effect structuresDiamond and Wave – which are ideal for enlivening the walls with optical effects and three decorations: the floral Peony and more geometric Carioca and Etoile, which are all produced in both warm and cool variants.

The tiny chip mosaics, available in all the eight Eclettica colours or in the version enhanced with bronze-coloured inserts, complete the collection, making it perfect for also covering recesses and curved walls.