Debora Venturi

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Debora Venturi - 1

Architect | Designer. Studio o2a. Cesena, Italy

Debora Venturi holds specialist qualifications in the energy and environmental aspects of architecture and urban planning from London, Brussels and Paris.

She worked for MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects – in Bologna for several years, leading a number of projects in Italy and abroad and heading the “R&D – Sustainable Architecture” team.

She was a member of the IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) group of the "LEED ITALIA 2009 New Buildings and Renovation Projects” LEED Committee.

A Contract Professor of Environmental Planning at the Bologna University “Aldo Rossi” Faculty of Architecture in Cesena, Debora Venturi has always been constantly engaged in research on subjects related to the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings, presenting papers at many National and International Congresses.

She and Luigi Orioli founded the o2a architecture firm  in 2009.