Colours and materials for designing your industrial style kitchen

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A mood that's time-worn, relaxed, creative, chic: the attributes of an industrial style kitchen

The industrial style, inspired by New York lofts with open spaces and high ceilings, is a very popular interior design trend, used in every room in the home.

Industrial style kitchens provide the ideal combination of purely vintage aspects with contemporary features, a mix of inputs that produces interiors that are both welcoming and dynamic.

In terms of colours, industrial style kitchens prefer shades that recall the appeal of old-fashioned factories. Dark hues, with a predominance of black, usually balanced by plenty of natural light streaming through the large windows, or artificial lighting systems positioned to taste.

The atmosphere created by an industrial style kitchen is generated by bare, simple features but also by large work-spaces, perfect for entertaining guests. So this salvage-based philosophy definitely has its practical side, as plumbing pipes, bins and shelves, for example, take on new life.

The look of walls and floors also plays a fundamental role in achieving an industrial effect. If you do not have a nice brick wall to be left bare or painted white, you can always opt for a bare brick effect stoneware wall covering. The Bricco collection by Marazzi is ideal for this role; suitable for walls and floors, it has a range of neutral colours with the historic appeal of bare brickwork, and combines attractively with wood and concrete. If you wish to draw inspiration from the majolica tiles in the ceramic tradition, the Marazzi Pottery collection, inspired by azulejos, supplies a detail in vintage tones ideal for adding personality to the main background wall. Anyone in search of a minimalist effect but with the versatile qualities of ceramic tiles can opt for the Essenziale collection, in total white and just 6 mm thick.

The materials most in vogue for creating this time-worn mood include metals such as brushed – but also polished – iron and steel, natural or very tactile looking wood and concrete.

In this last case, the Powder collection by Marazzi is the answer to your requirements. It is a concrete-effect porcelain stoneware available in six shades, a hexagon and original patterns, very effective for giving character to the walls or floors of your industrial style kitchen.

Last but not least, for those wishing to keep up with the latest fashion for Venetian Terrazzo or fragmented stone materials, the Mystone Ceppo di Gré collection is absolutely perfect. It is a new stoneware that precisely reproduces Ceppo di Gré, a stone typical of the architecture of Italy's Lombardy region, featuring large included "pebbles". The Ceppo di Gré collection comes in four shades, two cold and two warm, which look good with the wood, metals and dark shades found in industrial style kitchens.