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A renovation project in contemporary style with Treverk, Clays and Oficina 7

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Contemporary Renovation with Treverk, Clays, Oficina7 - 1

Concrete-effect tiles and stoneware that looks like wood in a splendid loft apartment

In renovation projects, as in new builds, the choice of finishes is one of the trickiest questions, which may be crucial for the project's success or failure in terms of both appearance and function.

This apartment at Condove, near Turin, was recently renovated by Mauro Chiampo in a contemporary, minimalist style with very carefully selected floor and wall coverings.

The interior is on two different levels, a lower floor and a loft upper floor, both in modern, simple style but with two different options in terms of finishes.

For the lower level, the architect chose a concrete-effect stoneware, for a more industrial look, while on the loft floor he opted for a wood-effect stoneware to match the bare beam ceiling.

The floor on the lower level was finished with a stoneware from the Marazzi Clays collection, which re-creates the effect of concreteor terracotta in five different colours.

In this case, the floor covering evokes the effect of concrete, with a Lava grey finish in 60x60 cm size. This is a very practical choice, also suitable for a renovation project with new under-floor heating; in this case, the Clays tiles were laid on aradiant floor substrate.

A different approach was adopted for the loft area. On this floor the mood, while still contemporary, is more rustic and homely, and the architect chose a stoneware that would establish a visual dialogue with the wooden loft ceiling.

Treverk wood-effect stoneware provided the ideal combination of style and convenience, delivering all the beauty of wood in a material which is also tough and very easy to care for. The 120x34 cm size also recalls the large planks of old parquet floors and adds a lovely rustic touch to the entire interior.

As well as the Treverk stoneware, this floor also features Oficina 7 line wall tiles, in the large 32.5x97 size with decor, used to create a very stylish wall for the shower enclosure.

Take a virtual tour of the apartment with this photogallery.

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