Contemporary decors with original surface effects

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The White Deco white body wall tile collection now includes new decorative solutions for styling floral and geometrical design schemes. Decors with incredible resolution, combined with the three-dimensional effects of Touch, the new Premium Technology

Lush leaves and floral patterns feature in the decors of Marazzi white body ceramic tile collection White Deco. The motifs already in the range – White Botanica, Heyday and White Jungle – are now joined by three new decors which emphasise both the beauty of the pure white background and the unusual 60×180 cm size. Contemporary in mood, Roseto is a decor in sophisticated botanical style that evokes wallpaper, while Frond offers a lush interpretation of the tropical theme, with white flowers adding a more demure touch. The Vision decor, on the other hand, is geometrical in character: small diamond shapes and triangles in different colours form a sophisticated pattern in warm, earthy shades.

All the White Deco decors can be enhanced by the latest Touch Premium Technology, a new-generation two-step digital Inkjet printing process that applies a layer of vitreous grit to create a transparent relief pattern that does not mask or modify the underlying colours. The Touch technology pushes beyond performance alone to define a new aesthetic and a new tactile allure, with extraordinary effects of brightness and depth.

The White Deco collection is designed for covering entire walls; its strength and ease of cleaning make it ideal for damp locations, for bathrooms and for lining shower enclosures. This series’s rich set of decors can be freely combined to generate fresh textured inspirations and give the imagination free rein. White Deco is a wall covering that combines quality and durability, bright colour and rich crystalline patterns.