Compact shades and geometrical and floral decors: Poster rewrites the rulebook

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Decoration and sustainability acquire a fresh aesthetic and architectural dimension with Poster, the new porcelain stoneware collection manufactured with 40% recycled material and the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology, which eliminates microbes and harmful bacteria from surfaces

The Poster collection’s range of trendy neutral shades – White, Ivory, Blue, Anthracite and Pottery – is inspired by the Marazzi Concrete Look, in which subtle variations in tone and irregular patterning evoke the expressive strength of concrete.

Pottery references the chromatic effects obtained with clays, which change colour depending on the amount of ferrous materials they contain.
The aesthetic qualities of this antique covering material are reproduced with the more innovative characteristics of a porcelain stoneware surface: hard-wearing, resistant to abrasion and scratches, non-porous and immune to heat and UV radiation.

Five contemporary shades, ideal for many mix & match combinations with the collection’s floral, botanical and geometrical decorative patterns – Hawaii, Zone, Florida and Exotic –; an ideal assortment for creating pairings with the most diverse and unusual outcomes, for versatile installation solutions on both walls and floors.
The latest-generation, ultra-resistant digital printing technique is able to process all surfaces with the same versatility of combinations, with undiminished expressive strength throughout the large decorative offering.

There are two sizes – 60×120 cm and 30×120 cm – in 8.5 mm thickness, dimensions which place the Poster collection in complete accordance with the Alba, Carácter and Plaza collections – inspired by exquisite stone surfaces, the tactile beauty of wood and the bare concrete aesthetic – which, like Poster, feature the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology.
In fact, for these collections Marazzi guarantees permanent antimicrobial protection.
The Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology actively and constantly eliminates bacteria and other contaminating microorganisms under any light conditions. Hygienic and durable, it does not contain or release harmful substances and it eliminates stains, odours and other forms of wear.

The company has an integrated vision of all its product collections and provides customers with performance levels appropriate to the various applications, whether domestic or commercial, indoors or outdoors, or in zones subject to high levels of wear and with specific hygiene and sanitisation needs.

The Poster collection is made with 40% recycled material. Marazzi has always focused strongly on the environmental quality of the whole industrial production cycle, which is certified under the most demanding international standards.

Thanks to products’ low environmental impact throughout their life cycle – from extraction and processing of the raw materials through to the recycling of demolition spoil – the brand’s coverings help to obtain credits for the LEED environmental certification of buildings and have been awarded the GreenGuard® and Declare international product certifications.