Color Code. Whole colours with a minimalist feel

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Color Code. Whole colours with a minimalist feel - 1

The new Marazzi wall covering that is just 6 mm thick

Slimline thickness, 3D structures and neutral shades for the new Color Code ceramic wall covering by Marazzi. A collection that expresses all the elegance and simplicity of light colours, Bianco, Avorio and Grigio, in two surfaces - gloss and satin - for covering the walls of modern, minimalist spaces with 30x60 cm tiles that are just 6 mm thick.

Color code is offered in the 30x60 cm size; completing the collection are mosaics in the 30x30 cm size and three three-dimensional structures sized 30x60 cm.

The three-dimensional structures are the result of cutting-edge Marazzi technologies and can be used to create striking play on light on walls, adding character to any space.
The Deco structure, available in the satin finish, features a series of irregular geometric shapes that soften the severity of the light and neutral shades.
Move, meanwhile, is the three-dimensional structure with a satin surface and soft design that features a soothing undulating movement. The Drape structure, in contrast, has a horizontal relief texture with minimalist design and is available in a gloss finish for all colours, while the colour Bianco is offered in the gloss finish for all colours and in the satin finish for Bianco.

Mosaic tiles, with a mix of satin and gloss dots, combine beautifully with the other products in the Color code series. Mounted in modules in glass measuring 30x30 cm, they are the ideal solution for covering irregular walls, recesses and curved surfaces.

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