Cloud, the beauty of glazed majolica

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Cloud: Majolica Effect Covering - 1

7 shades and two different surfaces for the new 20x50 cm Marazzi wall covering

You will have noticed how majolica has become fashionable again in home decor.

There are many reasons for this, one of which certainly being the charm of the “handmade” product and the history of this type of ceramic, which harks back to hundreds of years of Italian and Moorish traditions. The charm of majolica also lies in its typical and particularly brilliant colours, distinctive features of this type of ceramic. Finally, typical majolica patterns have become very fashionable once more in interior design for decorating walls and floors with colourful and irregular textures.

Taking its inspiration from all of this is the Cloud collection by Marazzi, the 20x50 wall covering that re-evokes the tradition of glazed majolica.

In fact, the manual flavour of traditional majolica is given a contemporary twist in the Cloud collection thanks to its smooth structure, brilliant surface and slightly raised edges which recall the imperfections and texture of the handmade product.

7 solid colours available on a glossy surface lightly structured or with a 3D effect to give bathrooms and kitchens a fresh, dynamic and modern feel.  

Digital graphical technology also makes it possible to create eye-catching colourful decorations on the tiles that recall the traditional decorative motifs of majolica: Cloud Mandala, for example, is available in two colour variations (one with cool tones and the other with warm tones) and perfect for creating graphical patterns on walls and floors or decorative friezes (to decorate the walls of the shower or part of the wash basin, for example).

Finally, for truly unique effects the Cloud Lines decor has been created, combining the tactile and glazed effect of majolica with a colourful pattern of narrow stripes inspired by textile textures.

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