Chill: the tactile appeal of resin inspires the new wall tile range

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Resin effect stoneware for kitchen and bathroom surfaces - 1

Its colour, its subtle tactile texture and its semi-matt surface are the distinguishing characteristics of the new Chill wall covering in the elegant 25x76 cm size.

The main inspiration is the tactile appeal of resin and its ability to cover contemporary interiors with elegance and with surfaces that are not too matt or rough: an aesthetic and architectural solution that adapts easily to different tastes and styles. In a single, versatile size - 25x76 cm - the new Chill collection offers resin effect ceramic surfaces for cladding walls with full-bodied, trendy shades, perfect for anyone who loves solid colours but is seeking a material look with a strong personality.

There are six shades in the range: the paler, more delicate White, Grey and Ivory and the denser, more forceful Pink, Clay and Blue. They are all also available in the relief version with bevelled motif, to give variety to entire walls or single parts and highlight functional areas, not only of bathrooms and kitchens but also of other areas of the home.

Alongside the solid colour plain tiles there are also two nature-inspired decors: Melody, floral with a watercolour effect and Foliage, evoking vegetation and enhanced by iridescent touches.

Chill’s distinctive feature is its slightly tactile, semi-matt surface texture. Its colours are perfectly matched to contemporary interior design trends and combine easily with other material effects.

The rectangular 25x76 cm size enables a variety of installation layouts: from the more familiar horizontal to vertical, in line with the latest trends. Chill is an exquisite collection of resin effect white body tiles for covering walls with a modern, minimalist look, for combination with the many Marazzi flooring collections.

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