The contemporary charm of cement tiles in the new D_Segni collection

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Vintage mood interpreted in ultra-modern key in this new Marazzi collection in the 20x20 cm size

Colour and geometrical motifs establish the character of the stoneware tiles in this new collection, entirely inspired by the traditional cement tiles decorated with the optical patterns typical of the art nouveau style.

Cement tiles first appeared in the late 19C with the advent of the Italian industrial revolution and the widespread adoption of Portland cement in construction. Quicker to produce than Venetian Terrazzo floorings but just as durable, cement tile floorings were soon being used in the construction of apartment buildings, and brought a small touch of decoration and style to these utilitarian projects.

The D_Segni collection evokes the retro style of cement tiles but renders it timeless and highly adaptable to the styles of its contexts of use. One feature of this stoneware is without a doubt its wide selection of patterns – micro, macro, geometrical, floral, classical, vintage and metropolitan – which offers a mix of very attractive, versatile looks.

The most striking item in the collection is, in fact, the Mix decor which, with 19 different patterns, reworks the typical graphic motifs of the patchwork installation of the cement tiles of the past, reinterpreting them in a contemporary mood.

The Tappeto decor, on the other hand, is available in 16 “micro” and “macro” variants, in all the colours in the collection.

D_Segni offers a rich assortment of colours, with 7 warm and cool shades; together with a wide variety of compositional potentials, they allow easy combination even with different materials.

The D_Segni collection is also a new evocation of cement tiles in terms of surfaces: flawed, satiny and dusty.

What's more, the typical 20×20 cm size and the capability for installation on floors or walls make this collection equally ideal for both large and small spaces.