Casa dei Viaggiatori: highlighting furnishings with grey porcelain stoneware

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The Block and Powder collections create a bright, cheerful apartment in Turin

One of the first decisions when beginning to design a new home or renovation project is to decide whether to use neutral indoor coverings, against which the furnishings will be highlighted, or stoneware tiles with more striking tactile and colour effects, with which the furniture and fittings will then have to be skilfully matched. The entire interior design project depends on this all-important choice.

This Turin apartment, the private home of a young couple, which has been named the “Casa dei Viaggiatori” ["Travellers' Home”], is cheerful, bright and modern. The design strategy chosen by the Archispritz team (architects Annalisa Barbera Fortunaand Patrizia Vaccaro), appointed by the newly-weds to style their home, was to floor the whole apartment with resin-look stoneware tiles in the square 60×60 cm size.

The material selected was the Block collection, in Greige colour, a warm, substantial grey, its character further emphasised by the trowelled surface, which alternates glossy and matt effects. This uniform flooring transforms the apartment into a blank canvas on which furnishings and features, in this case eye-catching in style and colour, could be freely painted.

In the bathroom, the grey colour is enhanced by geometrical and floral decors: the Powder collection in concrete-look stoneware has an irregular texture and subtly varied dusty shades, and it is used in hexagons to cover the walls. Thanks to the flexibility of the Powder range, it was possible to mix 3 different colours (Graphite, Crete and Smoke) and a decor, to give variety to the bathroom, where only the shower corner is covered with the rectangular (75×150 cm) version of the same tile.

This background in subtle shades of grey stoneware highlights the two colours used to give life and light to the project, featured in all the rooms: a warm yellow and an elegant, powdery sky blue. They bestow colour and personality on the entrance hall and the studio space, the handle grooves of the kitchen units, the wallpapered walls, the open units of the kitchen, the bathroom cabinet and the corridor between the lounge and the dining area.

In this case, the uniform grey porcelain stoneware flooring is an important design choice, adding to the beauty of all the rest.

All credits: Archispritz