Between sky and sea, a project for a young couple

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At Meta, on the Sorrento peninsula, the interior project by young architect Gianluca Amitrano is an opportunity for combining memory, tradition and landscape with innovative use of decor

Gianluca Amitrano is a very young professional (born in 1992) who works mainly in urban planning but also cultivates a serious interest in internal architecture.

 M2 Home, his second interior project, fulfils the dreams of a couple just as young as himself, who have (wisely) chosen to settle at Meta, a small seaside town in the incomparable natural setting of the Sorrento peninsula, one of the Italy’s loveliest holiday destinations. The home is strategically located with a breath-taking view of the coast and the Gulf of Naples, but, as is often the case, it required a redistribution of the spaces to suit the new owners’ needs. In its minimalist, extremely uncluttered layout, the project adhered to two fundamental principles: interconnection with the landscape and the reinterpretation of tradition, with constant attention to the smallest details.

The choice of Scenario Crogiolo, a historic Marazzi archive collection, perfectly reflects the architect’s intentions: its brush-strokes of blue evoke the craft tradition of Vietri majolica ware and the colours of the sea and sky. However, above all it embodies the teaching of Gio Ponti at the Hotel Parco dei Principi, which Amitrano has eagerly embraced: “The Master Designer taught us that you can design dozens of decors by putting white and blue 20 x 20 tiles together in different ways. The great thing about Scenario, in exactly this 20×20 cm size, is its extraordinary level of customisation, which gives interiors different identities.”

The fact that the stoneware tiles were only used in the “utility” zones in no way reduces their importance in view of the lengthy, meticulous work required – 6/7 compositions were produced for each room, all strictly in shades of white and blue. It is actually a role reversal “which overturns the traditional hierarchy of rooms”, because the bathrooms and kitchen, the only decorated spaces in a home dominated by white, are strategically positioned to create perspective effects.

Once again, the landscape is the key factor in the design concept. The long white corridor that ends in the decorated bathroom intentionally creates an effect of surprise, just as unexpected as the unique view that opens out at the ends of the tunnels through the Sorrento tufa ridge.

The first bathroom features Scenario Tappeto 1 Blu, with semi-matt finish and available in three colour shades and 25 to 50 patterns, and the second Scenario Decoro Mix, while in the kitchen a complex composition also includes the solid colour tile, arranged in a carefully chosen sequence of colours that visually evokes the depths of the sea.


Ph. Marino Miccio