Bathroom Special: The Mansion Bathroom

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Celebrating nature in two bathroom ideas where the wellbeing of mind and body is paramount.

Biophilia, relations with vegetation and natural processes. These are the new design trends for bathrooms with a focus on well-being, which aim to establish a relationship with the landscape. Natural light, plants, the alternation of day and night, as well as the seasons, become central elements in interior design in which windows play an important role in creating a more striking dialogue with the outside world. Large or small, windows are becoming a vital device in interior design projects, resulting in airy, bright environments. This creates a perfect integration between architecture and landscape, which is key to emphasising, within the bathroom, the idea of physical and mental well-being that has always been connected to this area of the home and which has become so sought-after today.

The proposed solutions relate to the large full-height opening and its arrangement of plants. The chosen colours and finishes reflect the nuances of nature; in the first case, enhancing the shades of green with the use of the Grande Marble Look Verde Aver, Ghiara Minuta Mix and Allmarble Statuario collections; in the second case, interpreting the theme of nature through the earthier colours of the Magnifica Limestone Taupe, Zellige Argilla and Mystone Limestone collections.


Project & Styling: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio


The Mansion Bathroom Mystone Limestone + Magnifica + Zellige

Floor: M7E1 Mystone Limestone Taupe Rett. 75×150

Wall: M7AD Magnifica Limestone Taupe Struttura Mikado 3D 60×180 – 9mm

M5QC Crogiolo Zellige Argilla 10×10



Mirror: Memory by Agape

Washbasin: Immersion by  Agape

Ground Lamp: Daphine by Lumina

Tub and taps:: DR & Sen by Agape

Coat Hangers:: AT16 by Tecno

Armchair: Shell Carl by Hansen & Søn

Suspension Lamp: Mobile Chandelier 1 by Michael Anastassiades

Bathrobe: Lipe by Society Limonta


The Mansion Bathroom Grande + Allmarble

Floor: M877 Grande Marble Look Ghiara Minuta Mix Rett 120×120

Wall: M6GS Allmarble Wall Statuario Satin 40×120

M7GD Grande Marble Look Verde Aver Lux Rett. 160×320



Mirror: Memory by Agape

Washbasin: Immersion by Agape

Coat hanger: AT16 by Tecno

Bathrobe: Lipe by Society Limonta

Ground Lamp: Daphine by Lumina

Suspension Lamp: Numa by Venicem

Armchair: D.153 by Molteni

Tub and taps: DR & Sen by Agape